OFF THE WALL is a unique project celebrating modern art in the public space of the Lesser Town Embankment and protecting this magical place right in the historical centre of Prague in the Lesser Town, a short walk from Charles Bridge and the renowned Museum of Modern Art - Museum Kampa. 

We are an open platform and our goal is to offer regularly every year artists an inspiring environment for artistic creation and mutual interaction while working at the same venue. We bring live painting, entertainment and valuable artistic experiences to the audience. At the same time, we are actively protecting the clean walls in these beautiful romantic places from the devastating vandalism of illegal graffiti.

OFF THE WALL 2023 – officially the first edition of this unique international festival and a showcase of domestic and world street art, graffiti, murals, sculptures, objects and installations took place from 25 to 27 August 2023. A total of 33 artists from 10 countries - the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Netherland, Chile, Spain, Portugal and Argentina participated. 

The unifying element of this year's edition was the same format of canvas 2x2m for all artists for the realization of their work. At the same time, everyone could choose the theme and technique. The festival also offered specialized workshops led by experienced artists, professional lectures, film screenings and painting for the public.

During the three-day event, the historically first "sticker wall" in Prague was on display again, the first phase of which was realized as part of the zero edition by the author Jitka Kopejtková in cooperation with 37 artists from 17 countries. Also this year, other artists from around the world contributed their original author’s stickers to the planned creation of this organic and long-term "living work" of street art.